Monday, September 26, 2011

Violetville Vintage

While looking for a print skirt, I stumbled upon a vintage clothing and accessories website. As many of you may have noticed, I have become relatively obsessed with vintage and vintage inspired clothing. Violetville Vintage has fabulous finds. Buying vintage clothing also means spending a little bit more money. However, the site does have some wonderful pieces for under $100. 

Coral and Cream 60's Shetland Wool Plaid A-Line Mini Skirt XS/S

60's White Linen Chelsea Blouse M

The only problem I can see (I will need to order a piece to check with service and quality of product) is the sizes do run small. From what I have noticed with vintage findings, this seems to run true, so be careful when ordering or you may end up with a top that won't button or a skirt that is just a little too tight. The cuts of vintage clothing also differ. I would suggest trying on a few inspired pieces or take a stroll to your local vintage shop to try on different eras. 

Another amazing find on this website is the outfits for sale. For example, this Gray Wool 70's Pleated Skirt Suit and Tailored Blazer is only $86. Need to spice up your office wardrobe? This would be the perfect and cheap way to do it. 

Follow their blog  to see where they are finding these amazing pieces and what they are up to. Please visit their site and let me know what you think and what you want to/will buy! Enjoy, my lovelies. Vintage awaits you. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I was first introduced to the idea of a cape as a fall/winter coat by Blair Waldorf in the season finale of Gossip Girl (Season 3). She was wearing a green cape over a dress and tights. At first I was a bit astounded, wondering how on earth one could stay warm with arm holes. After seeing more ads and spreads with capes, I realized there are actually many different styles and ways to wear a cape. To keep your arms warm, one must either choose a cape with wider, longer sleeves or use elbow length gloves. 

I just bought a cape for this season from Von Maur the other day for only $75! I was pleasantly surprised and ecstatic. I had been searching for at least a month for a cape. It is tan with giant front buttons. The cape has a cinched look because of a "belt" on the inside.The sleeves are longer and wider and cover most of my arm, however I will be needing the long gloves. I believe the cape is thick enough to withstand an Indiana winter. 

Here are a few suggestions for you fashionistas: 

This green cape is an almost exact to the one Blair was wearing. From Modcloth and only $69.99.

This "granny glam" cape gives off a vintage look. From Modcloth and only $74.99.

Mad for plaid in this Asos cape for only $86.

This Asos cape is a little different with no arm holes, but a beautiful color pattern and only $51.

I highly encourage all of you to try a cape or two on this season. You may find you actually adore them and could not possibly live without one. I sure could not. A great spin on an old classic. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

She Said Shoes

Since my lovely best friend, Lela London is currently loaded up with work, she has asked me to step in and help with her blog She Said Shoes. I was of course honored and happily accepted. Don't miss my posts! Keep checking She Said Shoes for interesting finds! Let me know of anything you would like me to research or post. Mixed in with the designer labels are deals, darlings! Don't miss out! 

From Summer to Fall

Not ready to give up on warm weather clothes yet? Clasping your hands together in hope that there will be an Indian Summer? While you still cling to your summer wardrobe, try adding in a few fall pieces to get used to the changing seasons. Leighton Meester shows in her Seventeen Magazine (March 2009) spread just how to mix those pieces to look like fall, but still feel like summer. 

The high-waisted burnt orange shorts pull together any autumn look. It's nearly the color of the leaves when they change. A dark blue or navy blazer adds a bit of warmth over a nautical tank. While Leighton's Chanel tweed blazer is certainly wanted, it is très expensive. Here are some ideas to get you going:

Blazer: Etsy $30

Tank: Ever Dress $9.99

Short: Forever 21 $22.80

Short: Forever 21 $19.80

To keep the outfit nautical and casual add a Sperry-like loafer shoe or flat. To make the outfit a little more preppy add a pair of ballerina flats and headband. Keep accessories neutral with browns, oranges, and creams. Enjoy the end of summer, darlings. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Are You Kmart Smart?

While flipping through my October issue of Vogue I came across a two page spread with the words "Work What You Got" written across the top in bold teal letters. A beautiful model in a leopard print bustier dress glances from the glossy pages playfully. The name: Sofia Vergara. The store: Kmart. My mouth literally dropped open. When one thinks fashion, it never involves a store with the word "mart" in it. Of course I had to see the line. I clicked to Sofia's line and was surprised even further: I actually liked what I saw. The dresses are all under $50, the most expensive being the leopard print bustier. There is a full line including jackets, shoes, and other accessories. I encourage you to take a peek, it won't disappoint. Some of my favorites are: 




The collection seems exquisite coming from such a retailer, but I would also check the clothing, accessories, etc. in stores to be sure the fabrics are not cheap and it looks like it could be expensive. I have a feeling though, you will not be let down.

Monday, September 19, 2011


As of late, I have been raging about anything vintage or vintage inspired. That being said, when I discovered Modcloth I was ecstatic. The dresses are beautiful and it is amazingly easy to find at least one dress looking as if it came from a particular era (my favorite are 20's, 40's, 70's (who am I kidding, I love them all!) inspired). 




I actually ordered this beautiful satin blush colored dress. It happened to be on sale for only $39.99 from $79.99! A fabulous little detail about Modcloth is they give you tips on how to style the item you want to purchase. For this number, Modcloth encouraged me to pair it with nude stockings, t-strap heels, and a charm bracelet. For those of us who aren't quite sure exactly what to pair with what, this endearing portion of the website is a major help. Especially for those truly vintage pieces, the stylings will come in handy. 

I highly encourage all you fashionistas to take a peek at this website. However, beware. There are quite a few items over $100 (all the ones I particularly enjoy of course) and they don't take the pictures down for the out of stock items. You may see something you adore, but make sure you check for a red "out of stock!" message next to the price. But don't give up hope! They reorder particular items that sell well, so keep an eye out. Also, Modcloth lets you know how many of a certain item they have left. If you happen to love an item, get it! The next time you visit the site, it could be gone. And make sure to check the actual vintage pieces they have! They go extremely quickly so act fast! Enjoy browsing eras gone by, darlings.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Missoni For Target

Edit: I read on The Recessionista that there will not be any more shipments to come, at all. Tear. 

As Lela London already stated, Target's website crashed because of the influx of customers wanting and trying to buy Missoni's line for Target. The stores have also experienced the ravaging. Just a couple days after the line was released I wandered into my nearest Target store in search of the product. To my dismay I found two racks with children's clothes and a couple of adult pieces (so not in my size). I did manage to grab a hair scarf for $14 and will probably head back for the cutest pair of flats and Wellies. 

Of course, I absolutely adore the line and I want more. I assure you, darlings, for the prices, you want more as well. However, unless another shipment comes in, there may not be a chance for any of us to own more. The line is supposed to stay in stores until October, so my hands are clasped and fingers crossed in hope that the online store as well as the cinder block stores receive more pieces. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

All That Glitters is Gold

Steal Beyonce's InStyle September cover look:

Shine like the true star you are in a brilliant gold sequin dress, such as our darling Beyonce here. Stars are optional, however, a star necklace or one that is chunky (not necessarily stars) could work beautifully as well. I have gathered some under $100 looks just for you! Also, if you search there is a nice selection of gold sequin dresses under $200 that I would suggest as well, but as promised, I am going to show you the best of the inexpensive!

Asos also has this little long-sleeved mini for just $64.03 (another sale item!) The sequins are larger and the sheer sleeves add a touch of glamour. Find it here:

If you prefer something more prim and lady-like, try this dress from Express for $98. The sequins are smaller and more discreet, however you will shine from every corner of a room. Add a sparkly heel for more effect. Find it here:

There you go, darlings! Let your inner diva shine through! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

I need a dress!

My hair stylist, Tiffany Rutledge, needs a dress for a wedding. It needs to be an olive/forest green color and of course knee length. She asked me if I found anything to let her know. I want your opinions too! I gave her a few options. She is a super adorable blonde with brown eyes and a pale skin tone. She will look gorgeous in an olive green dress tbh. Here they are:

This is my favorite:

P.S. Go see Tiffany at Exclusives Salon and Day Spa in Wanamaker, Indiana.

Steal Gwyneth's ELLE cover look

Gwyneth Paltrow's ELLE cover look intrigued me. Well, the minuscule shorts happened to be where my eye was drawn. As I flipped through her spread, I found they are actually stretch satin tap pants by Julien Macdonald and they are $555. I had no idea what tap pants were (I thought they were "pants" one wore whilst tapping). These tap pants are actually lingerie. While it is wrong to wear lingerie as anything but, these, with the tunic, look darling. I found some (for much much cheaper) you may like:

From Etsy and only $30:

From Dandelion Vintage and only $28:

And a couple black tunics to wear over them. Both are under $50:

Enjoy ladies! I'm sure your men will adore them as well.

Blair Waldorf Casual

It is hard to imagine Blair Waldorf in any casual outfit. Throughout the entire series (so far) she has only worn jeans twice. Alas, they were only dark skinny jeans. This "hanging out at home" look piqued my interest. In The Handmaiden's Tale, Blair orders Jenny and her other minions around wearing this outfit before the masquerade ball. The look itself is casual, but it screams authority. Black dress shorts, french cuff shirt and a pink cardigan which has small sequins sewn onto it. The loose curls with a small poof complete the outfit. Any person can pull this look off and still look classy and chic. 

Cardigan, shirt: Aéropostale under $25
Shorts: New York & Co. under $30
Belt: New York & Co. $15

Finding the perfect shorts is probably the most difficult piece to scavenge (depending on the season). Anyone from a Mom-on-the-go to the college student with an 8 AM class can pull this together in under 10 minutes. Paired with heels or flats, this look will take you far. 

"Is that a bong, mother? I didn't take you for a stoner."

Pitaya: "I love their window displays!"

The boutique, Pitaya, is chic, inexpensive, and très wonderful. With only 17 locations in the United States, it would not be surprising if you had not heard of them. I first stumbled upon Pitaya when I was a poor college student at Butler University. Broad Ripple is like your average college town with eateries, tiny shops, and bars. One in particular caught my eye. Literally. Their window displays of hanging mannequins in beautiful dresses and skirts drew my eyes to them like Anna Wintour to a problem at Vogue. I just had to see what was inside this tiny store. 

As soon as you walk in, the amount of space the store actually presents seems amazingly large. There is one table at the front by the window usually the stage for tees and jeans. The walls, however, are the main attraction. The walls are lined with dress, shirts, and skirts in color order. One day you might say, "I need a pink dress." You can go into Pitaya, locate the pink section, and then be on your way. No hunting in this store! Absolutely breathtaking. And the best part... Pitaya brings in new items each week! Oh, it gets even better. Pitaya rarely has items priced over $45. Those items would include coats and/or jeans. Dresses usually range from $35 to $38. The perfect price. The quality of the clothing is fabulous, especially for how inexpensive the prices are. Pitaya is trendy, but the wearable time doesn't follow "trendy". Honestly, what you buy you can wear even after the "trend" goes because it is chic each and every time. Sign up for their newsletter and be the first to know about great deals hot, new items! Go to . 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look for Less: Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf, one of the main characters of Gossip Girl (in the books and in the show), is known for her classy Upper East Side style with a bite to boot. Ever since the show aired in 2007, I have become obsessed with obtaining her look. However, since I am most certainly not UES royalty, I had to make do with shopping in less expensive stores. 

My first look I created was inspired by Blair's outfit for the oh so exclusive dinner the Dean of Yale held for his promising new hope-to-be students in New Haven Can Wait. Blair and Serena ensue in a cat fight where clutches are thrown at heads and headbands are ripped out. Needless to say, it is quite the powerful look and perfect for impressing professors and deans alike. 

I chose a thick, silver headband with a bow from Forever 21 (actually bought at their accessory store For Love 21) for under $5. The dress does not truly look like the one Blair is wearing, however the color is right. It has an A-line skirt which accentuates natural curves and hides those problem areas. For this look, a darker forest green is best. The dress is from Forever 21 as well and was under $25. To add something to the neckline, I added a string of pearls giving to me as a gift from China. When looking for dresses to fit the UES style look for higher necklines, A-line skirt, sleeves, and something that cinches the look together at the waist or that drops down and away from the body. Little  Accessories can be minimal with Blair's look. The focus is the dress. Some options to look for include:

To truly pull off any Blair Waldorf look, however, one must be confident and powerful. When you walk into a room, your presence must be known, not by your voice, but by body language and the outfit you have chosen. Present yourself well and people will think your dress, shoes, and accessories are from Saks Fifth Avenue and not the little boutique down the street.