Monday, October 31, 2011

Love That Sequin

A buzz has been going around about Selena Gomez's sequin shorts she wore to "The Thing" premier. It was revealed the shorts were not some high designer name, but actually from Forever 21. Even before Ms. Gomez wore these fabulous hot pants, they were selling like hotcakes. I found what I assume to be the last pair we had (in my size believe it or not!). I figured a perfect piece for the holidays fast approaching. My shorts cost $15.80. A slightly different pair from Selena's which were $19.80. Mine has a gold zipper running up the back. 

I found this pair at Bliss Lingerie for only $19.95. The shorts do appear costume-y, but it is a sequin short. A perfect place to snag a pair for cheap would be at a costume shop. Especially if you plan on wearing them maybe once or twice. 

ASOS is quickly becoming one of my favorite online stores. Of course I had to look and see if they had a sequin short. And, alas, they do! These Lipsy Loves Pixie Lott hot pants are $71.88. 

Add any oversized top for Selena's look. I stayed on the darker side of things, but the black and white look is effortlessly chic. Try adding pops of color to amp the look up as well. 

Shorts and top from Forever 21. Shorts $15.80. Top $17.80. I'm wearing my usual Mary Janes from Target. I think I've found my New Year's outfit! 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Houndstooth Honey

Most of my favorite eras are coming back to life. The 60's happened to be a fabulous time. Twiggy entered our worlds and all of sudden we were wearing knee high white boots and boxy dresses with funky patterns. Take houndstooth, a pattern so funky it's getting it's own entry. A few celebs have taken it upon themselves to try this fabulous pattern. It is everywhere! The celebs seem to covet the black and white version of the print, but let's be honest, there are other ways to wear this esteemed pattern. 

I, of course, had my first taste of the pattern at Forever 21. The dress is absolutely darling. I snatched it up before anyone else could. Honestly, the pattern is so flattering! As with everything, there can be some outfits that will be quite overdone, but every silhouette I come across, I cannot find one that I truly dislike. I've compiled a few dresses that may interest you.

Macy's $39.99

Charlotte Russe $24.99

ASOS $50.32 (my favorite!)

And I will share my look with you, mes chèrs. Again, my dress is from Forever 21 and was only $19.80. It is sold out online, but I'm sure some stores will still have it in stock. Generally, I wear little jewelry because the pattern speaks for itself. I try to wear just basic black tights if it is too cold. I try to keep the shoes as authentic as possible, but considering how I don't really have the right shoes I want for the dress, I wear my Mary Janes. However, ModCloth has a great selection of shoes and any other 60's Mod items you could want. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fresh Take

American Vogue is my fashion Bible (I don't receive other Vogue magazines... yet). In the Index, they start with a blurb on all the floral pants seen on the runway for S/S 2012. Two fashionistas were ahead of the trend and wore their floral pants to the shows! I'm going to show you a cheaper twist on Annabelle Dexter-Jones' look. 

 For the floral pant, keep it colorful. Find a neutral background and colors you prefer in your wardrobe. Going with a skinny pant with florals will keep this print in check especially if you are not used to wearing prints on the bottom. 

These TopShop skinny jeans are $72. They are currently sold out, but I'm going to use it as an example. If you're into pastels, this could be good for you. The floral print isn't too big or too little and would possibly work for any body type. 

These navy vintage floral skinny pants are on sale for $8-15 on The navy background allows the florals to really pop.

A white background is possibly my favorite way to wear florals. These floral leggings are on for around $10. 

For the top, I suggest something a little flowy and baggy to offset the tightness of the pants. A cute sweater would suffice especially if the weather is a little colder. You will also want to keep the tops plain and simple. A bright pop of color will do, we want to keep the pants the focal part of the outfit. 

This sweater from Forever 21 is only $19.90. I would wear this with maybe the leggings. The blue is a great color add, but perhaps in an olive color it would be better. 

Like this one from Jung1e apparel for only $29.99. The cowl neckline provides a look of pure comfort, but you'll remain incredibly chic. 

For the shoes, keep them as simple as the top. A nice pump will go a long way. 

A nude pump will match anything you put on. This Brash pump from Payless is only $34.99. A cream or white shoe would be perfect as well.

Now for the accessories. You won't need too many. But try to pick up some colors that you didn't with your top that are in your pants. Perhaps a big cuff on your wrist and a simple colored clutch. 

This floral panel bracelet from Forever 21 would go perfectly. The intricate detailing wouldn't take the shoe away from your pants. The bracelet costs $6.80.

This beautiful pyramid studded bracelet also from Forever 21 would be gorgeous on your wrist. It is also $6.80. It is still very feminine, but kind of gives you a punk look without competing with the overall outfit. 

This pink clutch from Target is a perfect example of a pop of color. Use oranges, salmons, blues, and greens. Stay with one color for your bag/clutch and don't choose it randomly, find a color you haven't already used in your outfit. 

Et voilà, mes chèrs! This is how you work the floral pant trend! Have fun shopping!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It all begins at midnight...

Emma Watson looked positively darling in her photo shoot and commercial for Lancôme's new fragrance Trésor Midnight Rose (which smells divine). The commercial is sweet and seductive, leaving you the feeling of wanting more, just as a wonderful perfume should. This outfit is perfect for a girl's night out or even for a date with your significant other. 

For the jacket, I found this Leatherette Moto Jacket from Forever 21 for just $32.80. For this look, you want something fitted, but très chic and cool. Mixing black leather (faux leather) with a nude pink dress appears elegant and edgy, exactly what the fragrance is about. 

Finding a nude pink dress won't be difficult. However, when looking you want something slightly flowy and light. A ruffle here, a knot there, or a strategically placed bow will do the trick. This Lipsy dress is on sale for only $71.88. 

This nude pink dress from edressme is on final sale for $25! With the subtle stitching details, it is perfect. 

This slinky number from Forever 21 is only $19.80. The drape of the dress keeps it sexy, but you're still covered for effect. You want a dress you can easily move in. Make that man chase you!

For the shoe, keep it interesting yet subtle. These patent D'Orsay heels from Forever 21 are sleek, but they keep it intriguing with the side cutout. These cost $22.80. I would also try a mesh bootie or chunky wedge. For the other accessories (clutch and necklace) you want to keep it sweet. A small black clutch with no detailing will keep your items intact and won't over power your outfit. Emma is wearing two little charm necklaces. It doesn't matter what charms you choose, but make sure they fit your personality. Maybe a little heart or tassel is your taste, whatever you choose keep it small so people have to really pay attention. 

Here is the commercial for your viewing pleasure!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Polka Dot Love

Polka dots are a widely underused pattern. For myself, I find it can make me look a bit like Minnie Mouse. However, the polka dot can turn a simple outfit into a fun and flirty masterpiece. Leighton Meester appears comfortable and fresh faced in her cream and brown polka dot dress. Paired with an oversized cardigan and belt, the look takes a casual turn. However, she paired the outfit with heels, keeping everything elegant. She is absolutely darling. The perfect Sunday brunch outfit for fall if I do say so myself. 

For the cardigan, Forever 21 has a wonderful grandfather-esque version. The cost is $27.80. Not as oversized as Leighton's, but large enough to keep yourself warm and covered from the fall breeze.

This vintage inspired dress from ModCloth is absolutely charming. The cost is $42.99. The colors are nearly exact to Leighton's dress, but flipped. 

From Forever 21, both of these dresses are a bit more fitted. With the black lace detail and polka dots, I would wear a black cardigan and shoes, easily found at Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe or your local Target. The dress tan dress is $24.80. The white dress is only $15.80. Mixing your grays with white and black will add a bit of interest to your look. 

The belt can really be any belt, perhaps one you already own. Leighton chose a lighter tan. I prefer a skinnier belt these days like the one from Forever 21 for only $7.80. The Aeropostale belt is $14.75 and a bit wider. 

A gray wedge is all you need to complete the outfit. This wedge from the Brash collection at Payless is $39.99. Honestly, any gray heel, wedge boot(ie) will suffice. Since Leighton is known for her fabulous shoe choices, play the shoe up a bit. Choose a piece that has ruching or several straps or fringe, something to make them stand out. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Albertus Swanepoel for Target

As I was doing my first flip through of my American Vogue, I came across an ad for another Target collaboration. Monsieur Albertus Swanepoel, the South African milliner, is going to bring us some wonderful hats! And only for $19.99 each! The collection will hit stores October 30, the perfect timing for starting your holiday shopping! I think a few people will receive these fabulous hats for Christmas presents... 

There are going to be some amazing pieces. Hurry and pick the ones you want! Then get to the store as soon as you can October 30! I know I'll be there! I don't want to miss out like I did with the Missoni pieces. Here are a few of my favorites from the lookbook: 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ombre Settings

Anna Kendrick looked absolutely darling walking the streets of London the other day. And look, the leather skirt has made another appearance! Remember, Anna Faris wore hers on Chelsea Lately. A.F. rocked the glam look, but A.K. looks wonderfully comfortable while remaining positively chic. 

Ombre isn't just for your hair colors, mes chèrs, but it can look fabulous in your clothing as well! Anna chose to stay with a neutral color palette, but feel free to experiment with different colors! The black of the skirt will allow you to explore different color schemes and patterns if you so choose.

This purple shaded ombre sweater is from Urban Outfitters. It is a little looser than the one Anna is wearing, but with a cami perhaps and tucked into the skirt it has potential. Cost is $59.

I adore this cardigan. The colors are beautiful. Keep it buttoned up or let your hair down and hang loose, either way you will receive too many compliments to count. This is an Orvis cardigan and is on sale for $69! 

And once again, here is the Forever 21 pleather skirt for $15.80:

This is an amazing outfit for work and then to head straight to dinner with your girl friends. You can make this look even more casual by wearing a pair of flats, black or pick a color in your ombre top! Pair it with heels to spice up your look and add a bigger statement necklace. There are many ways you can go with this look. Thanks, Anna!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mad for Plaid

Emma Watson wore a darling McQueen tartan plaid dress to the GQ Men of the Year Awards. I immediately let out a little giggle because I have a dress similar to the one she wore except Emma's has a tutu underneath and mine is from Kohl's and about six years old. I tried unsuccessfully to put my tutu underneath, but you would need an a-line skirt to accomplish that task.

I am wearing a black blazer with my dress. Emma is wearing a leather jacket. This leatherette motorcycle jacket from Forever 21 would do the trick. The jacket is $24.80. However, Emma shed her jacket once inside, so it is not necessary to make the outfit, just to keep you warm.

Unless you would like to spend $800 on the actual Alexander McQueen dress, I would suggest taking an interest in these two pieces found on ModCloth. Any tartan plaid dress will do to make this look. Even Madge was seen wearing a long sleeve mini in tartan. Keep a look out for this pattern trend!

This dress is a little more vintage looking than Emma's, but extremely flattering. It is only $74.99. The collar is gorgeous and can be sweet and sexy. 

This Betsey Johnson dress is only $97.99! It has an a-line skirt for easy tutu access if you ladies want to add that little portion. 

Pair this look with simple black heels. I would suggest going light on the makeup. Use some liner and mascara to amp up the eyes a little and keep the lips nude. Let the dress do all the talking. You don't have to be A Scottish princess to pull this look off!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whimsical Windsor

The magical world of Windsor first appeared in my life a couple of weeks ago. I notice every new store in a mall and this one was no different. Starting out in California, this boutique-esque store popped up in the Midwest not too long ago. As I skimmed the diminutive store I realized it was just a smaller version of a Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. In my opinion, the store really only sells to one kind of girl, the partier/night-lifer or the Downtown Girl so to speak. While I love pieces from this style, I feel like the store is trying to be something it isn't. Windsor sounds like a fairyland and should be filled with chiffon pieces and pastels and sequins. It is much darker than I expected. But again, they are beautiful pieces and a lot of girls will adore this store. 

The prices are actually extremely reasonable. The quality of the clothes is probably just a notch above Forever 21 as so are their prices. There were certain pieces that stuck out to me as copies of Forever 21 and I smiled to myself. But hey, fashion is fashion no matter where you get it. 

The jackets are what I found to be most appealing. Thick, quality jackets for less than $50! The best part was all the jackets were different silhouettes and fabrics. My favorites were a black pleather jacket that was short sleeved. It was super girly and had the look of a blouse, but in jacket form! Another favorite was a gray blazer-esque jacket. It was thick enough for a colder evening and looked dressy, but was a cotton type fabric. 

Now my darlings, of course I had to buy something. I found this adorable peacock inspired pencil skirt for only $14! I didn't find a top to really go with it. The store is missing basics. Only a few camis and spandex tube tops. However, I bought some bangles to match! 

Windsor is definitely worth a look. There are some really great pieces, but again, it is a very specific store. It is perfect, however, if you need a Homecoming or prom dress. I believe that is how they started and expanded to everyday wear. Their formal dresses are quite spectacular and within nearly everyone's budget. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

From Their Closet to Yours: Kardashian Kollection

I was not one of those who rushed to Sears the day the Kardashian Kollection hit the stores. One because I work all the time where a Sears is nowhere to be found and two because at first I was not that interested. After browsing through the Kollection online I initially liked all the pieces. I did not look at prices for some reason, but I assumed they were relatively cheap (I mean it is Sears). After I saw Kourtney in this little number, I knew I had to check it out in stores.

So, I slipped into my Mary Janes and headed to a Sears. The Sears had a teeny tiny section that had been a bit ravaged. Luckily I found the two pieces I was looking for in the first place. I turned the price tag over and I immediately bit my lip, $96! I did think it was lovely. The material, while sheer, was wonderfully soft. But it wasn't something I could justify for nearly $100. I sadly put it back on the rack until I noticed everything was 30% off! I snatched the top up and the skirt and quickly ran out of Sears with my purchase. I am completely satisfied with my purchase. Let's see how it holds up at work! 

While the entire Kardashian/Jenner family comes in all shapes and sizes, everything seems to fit each and every one of them. Of course, they most likely had certain pieces altered for their own personal needs, as you should. However, the sizing does seem a tad off (or it's just me). I had to get an X-Small in the blouse and a Medium in the skirt. I have that Kardashian bum apparently. It is encouraging seeing the ladies where their own line.

The shoes, I feel, are a disappointment. I absolutely adore the design, but when I actually saw them in the store (again this could totally just be my Sears, it is Indiana), they appeared kind of cheap. But Kourtney blogged that she wore a pair all day and they were actually comfortable. With the 30% off sale from Sears, I would suggest trying out a pair. They are fabulous. There is a little bit of something for everyone whether you love leopard or pastels or both! Check it out, try it out, and tell me your favorite pieces!