Sunday, November 20, 2011

From Summer to Winter

Ladies, do you have that dress you just absolutely love that you do not dare to part with it as the coldness of the winter months creep upon you? I have plenty of them. This purple number is one of those dresses. During the summer months I usually paired the dress with a pair of sandals suitable to wear to work and play in. Obviously this would not do as the temperature dropped. The dress was already thin, I knew I had to pair the dress with something that could make it wearable in December. 

My love of tights and blazers prevailed. I kept similar accessories (the belt, silver necklace, sunglasses). I added a black blazer, darker purple tights - playing up my favorite color, and instead of gray sandals I chose gray suede pumps. 

Honestly, add a blazer to any dress or summer ensemble and you can turn it into a winter staple. Also, a pair of tights could mean freezing your butt off or being chilly. If you love to layer, don't forget about scarves which immediately create a fresh look. Again with layering, try adding a long sleeve turtleneck or crew neck underneath your dresses or paired with your floral skirts. 

Give it a try! Take a picture and let me see how you updated your summer wardrobe!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Vintage inspired clothing has possibly become my favorite style (the next best thing to actual vintage, n'est-ce pas?). Whenever I come across a vintage inspired website, I usually peruse for a few minutes to see if they have anything fabulous that I should pursue. Ruche is one of those websites I immediately found items I had been searching for with just one click. 

I have been quite interested in sheer and chiffon-like tops and while I could always pick one up at Forever 21 or like stores, I want something that will last a little longer, a quality more worth my money. With vintage inspired clothing comes vintage inspired prices. While most pieces are under $100, the average dollar amount is $40 for each piece. It's all very adorable and on trend with the granny and rustic aspect. The jewelry is more expensive than most of you will want to spend, but I suggest you take a look because it is some of the prettiest jewelry I have seen in a long time. With a skirt or skinny jean/jegging, any top you find will go perfectly with heels or boots. Relax or hang out with your friends, Ruche clothing will take you everywhere you need to go. There are some quite exquisite pieces that I absolutely adore:





Friday, November 18, 2011

Wholesale is Moresale

It absolutely tickles me when I stumble upon a website with the most adorable clothes with even better prices. Wholesale Clothing 4 U is one of those sites, mes chèrs. Possibly some of the most inexpensive clothing I've seen on a website in awhile. I became immediately entranced by the clothing. The styling was impeccable and truly got me in the mood for a cute sweater and a-line mini skirt. Sweater is $17 and the skirt must be sold out because I cannot find it, however there is one like it for only $13.71. The perfect fall/winter outfit when paired with boots and tights. 

The shoes are another favorite part of this website. I found these beautiful Lita-esque heels for only $20.40. I am talking myself into buying them this very second. These shoes are just too amazing to pass up! 

This is a website I highly suggest you check out, darlings. While it is a little on the girly side, there is a bit of a rustic feel to some of the clothing as well. There is also a whole sidebar of links you can click which include nearly everything from plus sizes, lingerie, to outerwear. For the fashionista on a budget, like myself, this site could become your best friend. If I do decide to order these shoes I will add on how the customer service, shipping, and product turn out. Enjoy!

All About Boots

While flipping through Kourtney Kardashian's blog, I noticed a pair of boots that appeared in her photos fairly often. The boots were beautiful. A black shaft with a brown toe and cuff up top. I wanted them from the moment I saw them. Alas, they were Chanel boots and ones I could never afford (for now). I started my search for a cheaper pair.

It felt like the longest time until I found the perfect pair. I was working at For Love 21 because they needed extra managers to help out. They put me on shoe duty, filling in shoes that had sold down. I gleefully set myself to the task. Looking through the boxes and boxes of shoes I opened up an extra long box. Inside were the most beautiful faux leather boots I had ever seen at a Forever 21 location. 

I am not sure if they are supposed to be over the knee boots, but since my legs are extremely short, they are on me. But they are extremely close to the Chanel boots. No brown toe however. I want to wear them everyday. I've even been wearing pants because I love them so much. The best part? The boots cost only $36.50! I've gotten so many compliments when I've worn these boots, it's unreal. And everyone is surprised when I say they are a Forever 21 product. I highly suggest in checking them out if you're loving this style. Dress them up or dress them down, they make the perfect accessory. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What Lela London Wore

My dearest friend and partner, Lela London, occasionally posts "What I Wore" on her blog (which I absolutely adore). Since "the pond" separates us, I really enjoy seeing her outfits she posts. These certain posts are refreshing. It is truly real girl style and I'm going to bring a piece of that to you. Visit the blog for the full outfit detail. 

The Jacket:

Forever 21 for $27.80. I know for a fact the stores have longer fish and eye hook version. However, it is selling quickly!

The Top:

ASOS for $32.35. You want to look for something that is light and airy to contrast with the heaviness of a sequin jacket. 

Nordstrom for $34.90. 

The Pant:

Nordstrom for $18.90. Any faux leather pant/legging will work for this look. You want to remain comfortable, but still super chic to make this look work. Perfect for an errand day or even for work!

The Shoe:

Charlotte Russe for $48.50 (their boots are buy one get one for $15.50 right now!).

Don't forget to check out her blog and She Said Shoes! It's a perfect way to relax and enjoy a little bit of the more glamorous side to life. Enjoy, darlings!

Love you, boogs.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Spool No. 72 Clothing Company

If you're into a vintage and bohemian look, Spool No. 72 is the place you want to look. A mother and two daughter team founded the company and run it out of Washington State. The location explains the rustic feel all the pieces have (so hot right now). As I scrolled through the sweaters, each and every one I could picture myself curled up in by a fire with some hot chocolate. The dresses are absolutely adorable as well. The one below is my favorite! And the best part? The dress is only $48.

This blouse below is absolutely gorgeous. Wearing this on those perfect fall days with skinny jeans and knee high boots walking through leaves will make the perfect catalog picture. The cost for the top $44. The only problem I foresee is the tops and dresses cost about the same. This is fabulous news for the dresses. From the pictures the tops look as if they have great quality, but of course, being an online store, this is a drawback because you cannot tell quality from pictures.

However, the price and quality must be right because the company seems to be doing well. There is even a blog you can check out on their website to see some great pieces! And, just like ModCloth, Spool No. 72 has a section for vintage pieces they have sought out and found. The prices are, of course, a bit steeper, but it's vintage! The website is easy to maneuver and it even seems homey!  As the commercials keep saying, buy your holiday gifts from small businesses, there are wonderful things to be seen. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

We're All Mad Here

I stumbled upon (literally, from StumbleUpon) this clothing website: Threadsence. The pieces are fabulously trendy and chic. It is an ode to the Indie style. While I'm not the Indie type person, I am falling in love with the pieces I have found. A lot of the individual pieces are not exceptionally Indie, but are magnificently paired with other items to create an Indie look.

The prices are reasonable. For some pieces, I find the prices to be a little steep, but perhaps the quality is good. One cannot be sure when looking at pictures online, but I would say it is worth the risk. I highly suggest taking a peek through their lookbook to see how they put pieces together. The stylists (and photographers and models!) did a wonderful job tbh. The site really makes me want to try new things! So go! Visit!

Budget Queen

Selena Gomez once again surprises me. The Wizards of Waverly Place darling showed up to the Fulfillment Fund's 2011 Stars Gala wearing another piece by Forever 21. A cute but sexy silver one shoulder cutout dress. She paired the dress with BCBG sandals, completing the perfect mix of high and low budget. The dress is not online yet. However, I know it is most likely still in stores. My store has quite a few left and I may have to try it on now. Ms. Gomez you make me adore you more and more with each appearance. 

What do you think, mes chèrs, about the one shoulder phenomenon that is coursing through the fashion world? Are you going to hop on the train for a ride? I may have to buy a ticket soon. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Spice Up Your (Work) Life

The November issue of InStyle magazine has quite the spread. It is one of my favorite glossies to read through to find fashion trends for a great find. The magazine also does a fantastic job with their articles using the same piece but for different settings (one of my favorite articles!). 

This InStyle has an article titled "5 Ways to Wake Up Your Work Wardrobe!" in which some of the best advice is given:

1. Add in color
2. Experiment with sparkle
3. Try a touch of lace
4. Mix in prints
5. Incorporate leather

All the hottest trends rolled into a five page spread! Their picks to try/look for are amazing. But sometimes a girl just can't afford a Rachel Roy $425 sequin cardigan (even though it is to die for) or Manolo Blahnik $595 yellow suede pumps. I'm going to offer some cheaper, but just as fabulous alternatives.

1. Add in color

These Ami Clubwear almond toe pumps are only $19.99 and a perfect touch of color to an all neutral wardrobe. Everyone around you won't be able to stop smiling because of the sunshine radiating from your toes. 

This Anthropologie orange skirt for $49.95 is a fun and funky way to express yourself but still remain work appropriate. The pockets on the side are a super fabulous add on. Pair with a black or tan blazer for a crisp look.

2. Experiment with sparkle 

Forever 21 has some really great sequin finds for an even better price. This black sequin cardigan is a perfect way to stay classy and warm, but adding a hint of flare. Cost is $22.80.

From Old Navy, this sequin flat is adorable and only $26.94! Keep your feet free from pain, but not plain. 

3. Try a touch of lace

This lace tulle skirt from TopShop for $76 is perfect for that sweet, but killer look. The black allows you to experiment with colors or keep to an all neutral outfit. 

A blouse such as this one from ASOS is perfect for tucking into your pencil skirts or trousers. This one is only $31.45.

4. Mix in prints

A scarf around your neck or attached to your bag is a great statement piece, especially in a bold print like this one from ASOS for only $17.07.

A plaid skirt is perfect for adding a touch of prints. It says "I'm ready to work" but it can be a lot of fun with a colorful top or jacket. This one is from Croft and Barrow for $21.99.

5. Incorporate leather

Try a thin belt made of leather to cinch in your tops or accent your skirts. Like this brown bow belt from The Gap for only $29.95.

A leather embellished necklace is a perfect statement piece. Keep it work appropriate by choosing a necklace that stays closer to your collarbones like this one from TopShop for only $35.

There you have it, darlings! Great and gorgeous pieces to add to your wardrobe to create versatile working attire! Check out InStyle for more ideas. Or ask me for ideas to go with pieces you currently have in your wardrobe. 

Are you a Maxxinista?

T.J. Maxx commercials leave me starved for a good shopping experience. Especially the recent commercials starring the blogger Lindsay Calla. I go into my local T.J. Maxx stores hopeful and excited, rejuvenated by the recent exposure about the store. And each time I am disappointed. Surely, if they describe their stores to be so wonderful with great finds, I would find at least one article of clothing I adore. I went on a hunt today. I drove to the Greenwood, downtown and Castleton T.J. Maxx locations. The Castleton location is by far the best out of the three, but still lacking. While the handbag, accessories, and home goods are really quite awesome, I am always left wondering about the clothing selections. I'm beginning to think (I know, really) that Indiana is probably just not getting the fabulous finds other T.J. Maxx locations receive. 

I am an eternal optimist. I will check back as often as I can to see if I can find an outfit I adore. I signed up for their e-mails and I am a fan of their Facebook page. Perhaps I am just missing their shipments. Whatever the reason, I hope Indiana catches up with the rest of the world.

Let me know of your great finds from T.J. Maxx! 

From T.J. Maxx website

Like a Minx

One day, I was wandering the streets of downtown Indianapolis (in my car) and noticed a small store front and immediately fell in love with the displays in the windows. I did not stop, however. At work, I was told of a new vintage shop that had set itself up on 16th and Pennsylvania St called Minx Vintage and Home. It was the very same shop I had passed earlier! I stopped by today and slowly walked into the tiny shop. The window displays are phenomenal and found myself admiring each and every piece. I slowly peeked through the racks, careful not to miss anything. It was the perfect "first time" vintage experience. I unearthed a vintage Coach green leather belt, but sadly it was a tad too small. A glass pearl necklace with a vintage pendant was breathtaking, but a little out of my price range. One of the owners told me they receive new pieces about 3-4 times a week! I'll check back within a couple of weeks to see if there are even greater finds. Definitely check this place out if you are in the Indy area. It is worth it. And the owners are super nice! 

I happened across a vintage Sanctuary Clothing velvet, bow detail jacket. I absolutely adore it! It was only $31. I was walking around for fifteen minutes with a vintage houndstooth jacket with great button details, but I am on a budget so I tearfully put it back. The jacket clasps by a hook-and-eye fixture. I can't wait to wear it! Perfect with one of my many skirts/dresses!

I have been searching for a new bag for ages. I find ones I like, but I had yet to fall in love with one. Until I walked into Minx that is! This vintage Mantessa black leather bag is utterly amazing! It seems rather small until you open it up and there are so many compartments! Perfect for holding my notebooks, Kindle, and paperbacks! It is très chic as well. The red compartment is my favorite. I just adore a pop of color, even if it is hidden. It was $29. Totally worth it!