Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rodarte My Heart

As any of my closest friends (and followers) probably already know, Zooey Deschanel is my favourite... everything. From her hair and makeup styles to her wardrobe, I cannot get enough of her. It would only make sense I would create a series of posts about her wardrobe choices. To start, I'm beginning with Zooey's outfit (Rodarte) from her Lula Magazine photoshoot. 

Zooey's style in this photoshoot is whimsical yet there is a hint of structure. To recreate the look, you will want to keep your top light and airy, while keeping the structure for the bottom half. 

Ruffles are key to the top one chooses. Stick the the freshly white/cream/bone/ivory palette to keep the top fresh and airy. Zooey's shirt has a a V-neck created by the wrap the shirt gives. Using a bigger shirt will also create that narrow waist once you tie a black ribbon around it. 

ALICE $29.99

LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's $19.99

As for the shorts, you don't want to go too short or tight. You want to find a pair that caters to your body shape as well. However, since the top may be a bit oversized and frilly, you should stick to a structured short. A nicely tailored short will stay with you for a long, long time weathering many outfits, casual or fancy. 

Express $49.90

Black opaque tights keep the shorts from being too revealing. So if you have a bigger bum, you can use tights to your advantage, creating slimmer limbs and giving you a more ladylike look. $12

As for accessories:

Keep your shoes black and simple. Try a Mary-Jane or T-strap style. Even an adorable ballet flat will keep this look fresh. The black ribbon is, I believe, one of the key pieces to this look. It literally ties everything together. As Zooey is styled in the photos, wear your hair up in a slightly messy pony or bun. The ruffles don't need to compete with flowing locks. Keep the jewelry simple, perhaps wearing a simple, silver bracelet or stud earrings. The outfit is statement enough.