Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Lela London Wore - Casual Louboutins

There is nothing I love more than finding the perfect lounging/book reading outfit that includes a dress and a pair of heels. After I got over my jealous fit (a bay window!), I turned to my closet. The options Lela gave were amazing (hello, did you check out that ASOS dress?!), but I'm not on that particular budget at the moment. If, like myself, you prefer to wear dresses on your days off and/or to just sit around browsing the internet or flipping through a book, you want to keep a few things in mind: 

1. Choose a dress that allows for some movement. Wearing a bodycon dress is great for the clubs, but not for the couch. 
2. Pick a soft, comfortable fabric. Cotton or cotton-like fabrics will keep you cool and light. 
3. If you keep your apartment, house, or cove air conditioned chances are you get a little cold. Wear a cardigan or sweater over the dress. A blanket is nice for cuddling and you don't want to be caught in a Snuggie. A cardigan allows for movement and it completes the look.
4. Shoes are optional. But keep a lovely pair off to the side just in case you need to hop up and meet the friends for brunch or if you need to do some errand running. 

Cardigan: Forever 21 $13.99, Dress: Forever 21 $24.80, Shoes: Aldo $80

Instead of a mesh band in the front, I chose to play up the back with a triple band! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What Lela London Wore - Wedged Trainers

I am not very courageous when it comes to buying shoes. Even though I adore seeing fabulous teal, fuchsia and emerald heels lined up against a shiny white wall. But I always end up buying the patent nude heels that will look sensible with every dress I own. So when Lela London posted about a pair of wedged trainers, I was skeptical. I do not wear tennis shoes unless I'm working out (so I never wear tennis shoes). The moment I saw the shoes on Lela, I knew I loved them - on her. Not the one for fads, I let them slip from my mind. Then she posted about her New York trip and in every photo of her she was wearing the wedged trainers! What more, she was wearing them with adorable and sophisticated dresses. I was intrigued to say the least. So I worked up the nerve to log on to eBay and buy them.

And survey says - I love them! Perfect for waltzing around the town (or the work place). The shoe is crazy comfortable and gives just the perfect touch of extra height. What I was most afraid of was the shoe would make my extra small feet look way too large. But it fits perfectly! If you're looking for something fun to try, the wedged trainers will fit your style (whatever it is) and (if you know where to look) your budget.