Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I will be the first to say that I never expected to become so excited over a watch. It was not that long ago when even thinking about putting a watch on my wrist made me raise an eyebrow. And then, something changed. Watches became the perfect and most absolutely necessary accessory. My wrist feels bare without a timepiece strapped to it. I am positively lost if I forget to put on a watch. 

When Timex contacted me via Twitter to help me update my arm candy, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Timex is not only one of the oldest watch companies (founded in 1854), but it has some of the most fantastic watches I have ever seen. The quality of these time pieces is unparalleled. Even looking at the pictures on the website leave me lusting for more tiny, shiny clocks (and believe me it seems an unlimited amount). 

The watch I am wearing is the Timex Originals Classic Round. I like my watches simple, but I also want them to stand out. Even though this piece seems plain, the eye cannot help but be drawn to it. The band is what truly caught my attention. Not the usual links or leather bands seen on most watches, it looks as if the silver was knitted together. While the band could have been stiff and uncomfortable it actually is quite fluid and soft against the skin. And what more the watch includes an INDIGLO Night-Light (it's the little things). I will never be leaving my house without it. 

I highly suggest everyone check out the Timex website and see if you can find the perfect watch for you (there will probably be more than one!). And follow them on Twitter for stylish updates on how to wear your time piece! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Phillip Lim x Target

The Phillip Lim x Target collection has finally arrived! After days and days of waiting, speculating, and perusing we were rewarded with an incredible line. I realize I say this with every designer line Target comes out with, but this is probably my favorite. It also helped that the Target I frequent the most had an astounding number of options to choose from (which was fantastic because girls can be vicious). What really got me was the fact that the quality is unparalleled. The fabrics are luxurious, making me feel like I paid way more than I actually did (that's the ticket!). Speaking of prices, I was shocked at how low they were. I knew the prices would not break the bank, but the items were highly affordable. Perfect for those fashionistas on a budget (like myself). The pieces can easily pull double duty, working well with casual pieces as well as more formal items. Most of the pieces in the collection can effortlessly be worn as work wear while still keeping that model-off-duty kind of look. Literally perfection. Below are the pieces I snagged:

The "Boom" sweatshirt is probably the piece I coveted most while scanning the look book. As most of you already know, a fashion sweatshirt is my weakness. It brilliantly captures the comic rage happening at the moment and is comfortable to boot. At the launch party, Jessica Alba was spotted wearing the sweatshirt with a sleek pair of pants from the collection and red heels. I wanted to take the same route with my look and paired my sweater with a Forever 21 pencil skirt and Aldo heels. The sweatshirt is by nature supposed to be a more relaxed piece, but when paired with structured pieces it changes into something breathtaking. 

When I picked this sweater off the rack I didn't pay attention to much except the detail on the neckline. As I slipped into this navy masterpiece I realized it is probably one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have never owned a sweater as soft as this. The material feels like the softest fleece has been sewn right into the knitting. The embellishment at the neck really takes the piece up a notch from cozy to classic. I paired the sweater with a Kardashian Kollection skirt and Aldo flats.

And finally we come to this wonderful top. The sleeves and back are silky and the front is another soft sweater material. Navy and green are two of my favorite pairings. I especially adored the way the caramel hue of this Forever 21 (fake) leather skirt brought out the colors. Like the sweater above I was surprised by how plush the fabric felt. It is no surprise that this beauty will become one of my favorites. 

I am amazed and thrilled how well the Phillip Lim x Target collection came out. Each piece is exquisite and worthy of your time and money (if there is anything left). Of course I expected great things and I was given so much more. I cannot wait to wear these pieces and have them become staples in my wardrobe. Applause. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Favoring Flats

While I may not be one of the lucky few who are able to attend the glorious shows at New York Fashion Week, I can still be a part of the "front row". Streaming the live videos gives me a chance to see the beautiful pieces created by some of the greatest fashion minds from the comfort of my own office couch. 

Perusing the videos and flipping through pictures of each model, I noticed more than the brilliant colors, prints, and silhouettes. Of course everyone has their eyes glued to the pieces of clothing the models are wearing. But occasionally the accessories draw the attention. The particular accessories I am talking about are the shoes. Most models stomp the runway in heels - stilettos, wedges, chunky heels. Any heel. However, this season there have been an astounding number of flats. Yes, I said flats. 

A few wonderful examples of the upcoming flat trends are Honor, Peter Som, Kate Spade, and Nicholas K. And the week is still young! Heels may be the epitome of high fashion, but the more laid back and ultimate cool girl looks bring with them a chicer and more stunning flat than ever before. 

Honor S/S 2014

Kate Spade S/S 2014

Nicholas K S/S 2014

Peter Som S/S 2014

From Oxfords, to pointy toes, to ankle booties, flats are coming back in a big way. The many different colors and prints and styles are enough to get this girl excited. What flat trend will you be trying?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Phillip Lim for Target

If you are an avid Target goer and lover like myself, you probably keep track of Target's collaborations with designers. And ladies and gentlemen we have been rewarded with yet another collaboration that is surely set to impress. With the debut of the Phillip Lim collection pieces I am left drooling in the corner as usual.

As always, my eyes are immediately drawn to the excellence that is the collection of dresses. The array of beautiful prints, pleats, and waistlines leave me feeling a tad giggly. The structure is unparalleled and is suitable for nearly any occasion. Phillip Lim has created a brilliant work-to-play collection. Take off a piece here, add a piece there and voilà, you are ready to hit the town straight from the office! While each piece does seem rather serious, the playful sweaters and colors keep it accessible and toned down just a notch.

What is even better about this collaboration is the men in our lives can actually take part in the excitement! This is huge seeing as how all most of Target's collaborations are for women, this will bring a whole new clientele to the scene.

 Will you be waiting at the doors to be the first to see Phillip Lim's collaboration with Target on September 15? You know I will be!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Get the Look: Zooey Does Grunge

Zooey Deschanel's spread in Marie Claire's September 2013 issue is superb. The photos left me hungry to pull together my autumn wardrobe even though it is still reaching 80 degrees here in the Midwest. While Deschanel may have a slight penchant towards the girly, vintage, and fun, I feel as if the stylists brought out a side we may have not seen before: the 90's grunge Zooey. And it's brilliant.

It is no surprise to anyone that I am a massive fan of her style. She has inspired most of my wardrobe pieces to say the least. However, sometimes I feel a bit too one sided and am always looking for a new trend to try or a new and different piece to create a different energy. And Marie Claire did just that with Deschanel's tutorial (I can't help myself). 

Being on the petite side, I opted for pieces that would suit my frame a bit more than the floor hugging dress and coat Zooey is wearing. Same rules still apply however with the mix and matching of colors and prints! 

Yellow Get Into the Groovy Dress: $59 (not in stock anymore, but they always bring back favorites!)

Just add the perfect lined eye and a slightly rosy pout and you will be ready to take on the world! Oh the fun to be had. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Outfit of the Day(s): Floral Skirt

My co-workers had so much fun seeing what I would wear next when I did the previous Outfit of the Day(s) they really wanted me to do it again with a different item. Not one to disappoint I agreed to once again put myself to the test. I was not planning on another week so soon so I had to choose an item that I was wearing at the time I went into work. The choices were: lace bow, chambray shirt or a floral skirt. I chose to do a skirt once again because it was subtle, but people would still be able to really notice what I was trying to do. And it was one of those skirts I had a hard time picking items to match. I always ended up with the chambray top (chambray goes with everything). 

I applied the same rules used in the first go around. I even went so far as to try to have a different hair style for each outfit, finding it really changed the dynamic. This round was most difficult. I second guessed myself a lot, but ultimately found it rewarding. A skirt that I was unsure of wearing because I did not think I had enough in my closet to make an outfit turned into a skirt I know I'll be able to wear with many different pieces! I had just as much fun picking out these outfits as the one before. Never had I imagined I actually had so many different choices in my exploding wardrobe. Below are my final outfit choices: 

Skirt: Aéropostale
Chambray top: Aéropostale
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21
Bow: Forever 21

Sweater: Aéropostale
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Forever 21

Cardigan: New York & Co.
Tank: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless
Belt: LC by Lauren Conrad (Kohl's)

Denim jacket: Forever 21
Baseball tee: Aéropostale
Shoes: eBay 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Outfit of the Day(s): The Week of the Polka Dot Skirt

It is no surprise that I come up with nutty and mostly weird ideas from time to time. Last week, as I was perusing my wardrobe in my mind thinking of what I wanted to wear the next day I realized I tended to wear the certain pieces with maybe one or two variations (hence why I have so many clothes). I am forever talking about how people need to have fewer pieces in their wardrobe and just find those key staples, mix in some fantastic oddball items and create several different outfits using those few pieces. I have yet to take my own advice (isn't that always how it is?). 

So, after flipping through each piece (in my head still) I came up with an idea. Why don't I try picking one item, wearing it (to work) all week and mixing up nearly every aspect to create totally different looks. I wanted to put myself to the test. Could I really create five different looks around one piece using items already in my closet? While I do pride myself on having versatile pieces, I know I also have those favorite outfits I wear over and over again. After talking it over I realized this could be super fun and started planning. 

As you will already have figured out, I went with a navy blue polka dot skirt. Why a skirt? Wearing a pair of jeans for five days seemed painful. A dress would be too obvious and while you can create many looks around a dress, it just didn't suit this test. And I also needed the piece to center around my job. Hello Aéropostale polka dot skirt. I also figured that with the neutral color, it should be easier to pair almost anything with it. 

The Rules: 
1. The outfits must look completely separate from each other (i.e. I couldn't wear a woven twice even though they would be different).
2. A different pair of shoes had to be with each outfit because I tend to wear the same shoes over and over (here's looking at you black ballet flats). 
3. Accessories (besides my normal bling I wear daily - ring, watch, Tiffany bracelet) had to be different. 

And the pictures below are what I came up with. I can honestly say this project really opened my eyes to what is in my wardrobe and how many ways I can truly wear my pieces. I challenge you to really look at what you have differently. You may be surprised. 

Sweater: J. Crew
Shoes: Black Ballet Flats from Aldo

Baseball Tee: Aéropostale 
Belt: Aéropostale
Shoes: Forever 21

Graphic Tee: Aéropostale
Cardigan: New York & Co.
Shoes: eBay
Headband: Forever 21

Woven: Forever 21
Belt: Jason Wu by Target
Shoes: Brown Flats from ModCloth

Cardigan: Aéropostale
Shirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Prabal Gurung x Target

During the warmer fall months I first heard the announcement of the Prabal Gurung and Target collaboration. Of course I jumped up and down in ecstatic excitement teetering on the edge of pure obsession. No pictures had been released about what the collection would look like, but I had extremely high expectations. It was Prabal Gurung after all. 

As the time shortened and the release date was ever approaching, I found myself searching for some semblance of what the collection would look like. There were the occasional pictures of patterns and silhouettes and perhaps a glimpse or two from websites with a full detailed outfit. It was not until I saw the commercial play; however, that I truly fell in LOVE with the collection (aptly named is it not?). Olivia Thirlby was brilliantly placed and looked absolutely gorgeous in every piece she was shown. This was a collection that nearly felt like it was made for me. Floral prints, full skirts, bright, happy colors, and a romantic, girly vibe swirled around the collection. 

A couple of days before the release I browsed the Target website mentally noting pieces I truly and desperately wanted and those that if they weren't too expensive I would probably purchase. The day soon crept upon me and I headed to my local Target as many ladies did that Sunday morning. Once the doors were opened, we half walked, half ran to the stands containing what we so desired. After reaching the particular area we all were relatively stunned. There were quite a few missing pieces that each and every one of us had counted on being there. Mainly a white dress with a beautiful ombre floral print. Even though we were stunned for a few moments, it did not stop us from grabbing what we could. 

While I did not get exactly what I went for, I did find some beautiful pieces that I adore and will cherish. 


While I am not usually drawn towards red, I immediately decided this needed to be a part of my wardrobe. The black 'cutouts' give that perfectly defined waist and the apple red is just an exquisite color. While the fabric is a bit heavy, it does make it perfect to wear in the 20 degree Indy weather with tights and a cardigan. 


Similar to the red dress only in shape, this Meet the Parents print dress is adorable. I'm always up for a black and white dress in a fantastic silhouette. The fabric is much more thin and crazy comfortable. Perfect for an outdoor brunch with the girls. 


This drop waist dress in the First Date pattern was a touch and go for me at the store. However, it is probably my favorite purchase now. Being barely 5 feet tall and really no legs to show, a drop waist isn't ideal for me. The dress fits so well and the waist hits in that right spot, it truly is wonderful. The cotton fabric leaves room to breathe and it can go from a reading-a-book-on-the-sofa dress to a night-out-on-the-town dress. 

Outfits were worn with Forever 21 black tights $5.50 and Aldo "Kenzie" shoes $70.00. 

The Prabal Gurung LOVE collection deserves a standing ovation and I don't think I would be alone in saying, "Please do another!"