Saturday, February 23, 2013

Prabal Gurung x Target

During the warmer fall months I first heard the announcement of the Prabal Gurung and Target collaboration. Of course I jumped up and down in ecstatic excitement teetering on the edge of pure obsession. No pictures had been released about what the collection would look like, but I had extremely high expectations. It was Prabal Gurung after all. 

As the time shortened and the release date was ever approaching, I found myself searching for some semblance of what the collection would look like. There were the occasional pictures of patterns and silhouettes and perhaps a glimpse or two from websites with a full detailed outfit. It was not until I saw the commercial play; however, that I truly fell in LOVE with the collection (aptly named is it not?). Olivia Thirlby was brilliantly placed and looked absolutely gorgeous in every piece she was shown. This was a collection that nearly felt like it was made for me. Floral prints, full skirts, bright, happy colors, and a romantic, girly vibe swirled around the collection. 

A couple of days before the release I browsed the Target website mentally noting pieces I truly and desperately wanted and those that if they weren't too expensive I would probably purchase. The day soon crept upon me and I headed to my local Target as many ladies did that Sunday morning. Once the doors were opened, we half walked, half ran to the stands containing what we so desired. After reaching the particular area we all were relatively stunned. There were quite a few missing pieces that each and every one of us had counted on being there. Mainly a white dress with a beautiful ombre floral print. Even though we were stunned for a few moments, it did not stop us from grabbing what we could. 

While I did not get exactly what I went for, I did find some beautiful pieces that I adore and will cherish. 


While I am not usually drawn towards red, I immediately decided this needed to be a part of my wardrobe. The black 'cutouts' give that perfectly defined waist and the apple red is just an exquisite color. While the fabric is a bit heavy, it does make it perfect to wear in the 20 degree Indy weather with tights and a cardigan. 


Similar to the red dress only in shape, this Meet the Parents print dress is adorable. I'm always up for a black and white dress in a fantastic silhouette. The fabric is much more thin and crazy comfortable. Perfect for an outdoor brunch with the girls. 


This drop waist dress in the First Date pattern was a touch and go for me at the store. However, it is probably my favorite purchase now. Being barely 5 feet tall and really no legs to show, a drop waist isn't ideal for me. The dress fits so well and the waist hits in that right spot, it truly is wonderful. The cotton fabric leaves room to breathe and it can go from a reading-a-book-on-the-sofa dress to a night-out-on-the-town dress. 

Outfits were worn with Forever 21 black tights $5.50 and Aldo "Kenzie" shoes $70.00. 

The Prabal Gurung LOVE collection deserves a standing ovation and I don't think I would be alone in saying, "Please do another!"