Monday, May 13, 2013

Outfit of the Day(s): Floral Skirt

My co-workers had so much fun seeing what I would wear next when I did the previous Outfit of the Day(s) they really wanted me to do it again with a different item. Not one to disappoint I agreed to once again put myself to the test. I was not planning on another week so soon so I had to choose an item that I was wearing at the time I went into work. The choices were: lace bow, chambray shirt or a floral skirt. I chose to do a skirt once again because it was subtle, but people would still be able to really notice what I was trying to do. And it was one of those skirts I had a hard time picking items to match. I always ended up with the chambray top (chambray goes with everything). 

I applied the same rules used in the first go around. I even went so far as to try to have a different hair style for each outfit, finding it really changed the dynamic. This round was most difficult. I second guessed myself a lot, but ultimately found it rewarding. A skirt that I was unsure of wearing because I did not think I had enough in my closet to make an outfit turned into a skirt I know I'll be able to wear with many different pieces! I had just as much fun picking out these outfits as the one before. Never had I imagined I actually had so many different choices in my exploding wardrobe. Below are my final outfit choices: 

Skirt: Aéropostale
Chambray top: Aéropostale
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21
Bow: Forever 21

Sweater: Aéropostale
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Forever 21

Cardigan: New York & Co.
Tank: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless
Belt: LC by Lauren Conrad (Kohl's)

Denim jacket: Forever 21
Baseball tee: Aéropostale
Shoes: eBay 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Outfit of the Day(s): The Week of the Polka Dot Skirt

It is no surprise that I come up with nutty and mostly weird ideas from time to time. Last week, as I was perusing my wardrobe in my mind thinking of what I wanted to wear the next day I realized I tended to wear the certain pieces with maybe one or two variations (hence why I have so many clothes). I am forever talking about how people need to have fewer pieces in their wardrobe and just find those key staples, mix in some fantastic oddball items and create several different outfits using those few pieces. I have yet to take my own advice (isn't that always how it is?). 

So, after flipping through each piece (in my head still) I came up with an idea. Why don't I try picking one item, wearing it (to work) all week and mixing up nearly every aspect to create totally different looks. I wanted to put myself to the test. Could I really create five different looks around one piece using items already in my closet? While I do pride myself on having versatile pieces, I know I also have those favorite outfits I wear over and over again. After talking it over I realized this could be super fun and started planning. 

As you will already have figured out, I went with a navy blue polka dot skirt. Why a skirt? Wearing a pair of jeans for five days seemed painful. A dress would be too obvious and while you can create many looks around a dress, it just didn't suit this test. And I also needed the piece to center around my job. Hello Aéropostale polka dot skirt. I also figured that with the neutral color, it should be easier to pair almost anything with it. 

The Rules: 
1. The outfits must look completely separate from each other (i.e. I couldn't wear a woven twice even though they would be different).
2. A different pair of shoes had to be with each outfit because I tend to wear the same shoes over and over (here's looking at you black ballet flats). 
3. Accessories (besides my normal bling I wear daily - ring, watch, Tiffany bracelet) had to be different. 

And the pictures below are what I came up with. I can honestly say this project really opened my eyes to what is in my wardrobe and how many ways I can truly wear my pieces. I challenge you to really look at what you have differently. You may be surprised. 

Sweater: J. Crew
Shoes: Black Ballet Flats from Aldo

Baseball Tee: Aéropostale 
Belt: Aéropostale
Shoes: Forever 21

Graphic Tee: Aéropostale
Cardigan: New York & Co.
Shoes: eBay
Headband: Forever 21

Woven: Forever 21
Belt: Jason Wu by Target
Shoes: Brown Flats from ModCloth

Cardigan: Aéropostale
Shirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless