Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I will be the first to say that I never expected to become so excited over a watch. It was not that long ago when even thinking about putting a watch on my wrist made me raise an eyebrow. And then, something changed. Watches became the perfect and most absolutely necessary accessory. My wrist feels bare without a timepiece strapped to it. I am positively lost if I forget to put on a watch. 

When Timex contacted me via Twitter to help me update my arm candy, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Timex is not only one of the oldest watch companies (founded in 1854), but it has some of the most fantastic watches I have ever seen. The quality of these time pieces is unparalleled. Even looking at the pictures on the website leave me lusting for more tiny, shiny clocks (and believe me it seems an unlimited amount). 

The watch I am wearing is the Timex Originals Classic Round. I like my watches simple, but I also want them to stand out. Even though this piece seems plain, the eye cannot help but be drawn to it. The band is what truly caught my attention. Not the usual links or leather bands seen on most watches, it looks as if the silver was knitted together. While the band could have been stiff and uncomfortable it actually is quite fluid and soft against the skin. And what more the watch includes an INDIGLO Night-Light (it's the little things). I will never be leaving my house without it. 

I highly suggest everyone check out the Timex website and see if you can find the perfect watch for you (there will probably be more than one!). And follow them on Twitter for stylish updates on how to wear your time piece!