Sunday, February 9, 2014

Closet Clean Out: Part Deux

A month has nearly passed since I started on my quest of cleaning out my closet of unessential pieces. And, if I do say so myself, it is progressing along quite fantastically. Items long forgotten have been dusted off and incorporated into my daily wardrobe and I have been able (so far) to wear an outfit I have not worn as of yet. Never have I realized how versatile my pieces were or how some pieces, no matter how hard I tried, just would not work when paired with different ones. I have only made it through a quarter of my closet (so it seems) and have a better idea of staples I desperately need and those that I already have. 

The emptying of my closet has not been as quick as I may want, but taking my time has had advantages. My friends will occasionally ask me how many pieces have been thrown out and there were times when I could only say one or two pieces. I truly enjoy most of what I own and it definitely shows. But I have gotten to a point in which I have an armful of pieces I am glad to release. It has also come to my attention at how worn some of my favorites are. It is sad, but I know I have gotten the best out of them. I have also realized I need a more varied wardrobe. While shopping at Forever 21 seems like a good idea for the sanity of my wallet, it does not provide long lasting pieces, but a great way to try new trends. My most beloved J. Crew items are great for staples and every day items. Target's designer collaborations are a great way to say I have "designer" pieces without breaking the bank. It is time, however, to explore the many different options the world has and nab pieces from a variety of shops and brands. 

Here is a snapshot of some items I am giving away or donating or throwing out:

Cannot wait for the next round! Have any of you been cleaning out your closets? Let me see your "new" outfits! Don't forget to check my Instagram to see what I have been wearing!