Monday, April 28, 2014

Mix and Match: Earrings

What is trendy and what is stylish are sometimes a million miles apart. Occasionally I will flip through a magazine or stumble across a picture on the web and wonder who thought it could possibly be a brilliant idea to configure something so... odd. I first came across a pack of mismatched earrings as I was working. At first I believed the package was damaged and someone had just accidentally got it wrong, however I kept opening up packages that did not match at all. I immediately turned my nose up and proceeded to match my earrings.

After a bit I forgot all about the package of mismatched earrings. Then the awards shows popped up and the stars pranced down the red carpet, shining in their jewels. On a few gorgeous ladies, I noticed the earrings that sat so prettily on their lobes were not quite symmetrical.

Earcuffs and chandelier earrings were paired with studs or smaller earrings. The effect was truly stunning. My interest was piqued, but only just. Earcuffs did not seem very... well... me. And I only enjoy stud earrings and do not even own chandelier earrings (yikes!). Soon it dropped off my radar once again. 

While perusing the latest StyleWatch magazine, I noticed an entire page basically blasting praise for mismatched earrings. The best part was the magazine offered an array of looks using studs - all of which I found endearing. It is safe to say I am 100% hooked on this trend and you should be too! The best part is you do not even have to go shopping for more earrings. Use what you have and switch them up! It is like finding twenty more outfits in my closet. 

Emma Watson charming as ever.

Testing out the first go. Camera stud and heart stud. I found while analyzing what I had and trying pieces together, if you keep to similar colors or metals it looks more cohesive. Below are other pairings I cannot wait to try. 

Remember, symmetry is what humans find beautiful. Do not be surprised if you find it weird or unsettling. Find what you like and go for it! I could spend all day pairing up different earrings!

P.S. My earrings are mish mash of Forever 21, Aeropostale, and Aldo earrings.  

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bag Watch

It is safe to say my purse obsession is relatively new. Perhaps about two years ago I decided I wanted to be the "bag lady" of my group of friends. Always envious of the women I saw on the streets or in my favorite television shows, I wanted to switch out my purses to complete each and every outfit. This ambition came with a new outlook on what bags were actually suited for this kind of lifestyle. In the past I was drawn to an over sized shoulder bag that would fit everything I could possibly need in case I could not return home for three days. Of course, there was never a time in which I could not pop home to grab something or change. I truly just enjoyed being able to carry a book, change of undies, all my makeup, hair brush, camera, journal, and really just a ghastly number of items with me at all times. Ideal or not, carrying everything I owned was not suitable to switching to a different purse every day or every other day or even every week. So I reasonably down sized and decided the cross body bag was more suited to that lifestyle. 

The cross body bag is essentially the most fantastic bag ever. Fitting the perfect amount of items, it is easily carried  because you do not have to keep track of it. It sits perfectly across the body at the perfect length (okay, mostly) and it can go anywhere you want to go. I have loved many cross body bags since I happened upon them and continue searching for this style. 

Flipping through the newest glossies I happily tagged what bags I wanted for the upcoming summer season. Every so often a cross body bag in a circular shape happened upon a page and instantly drew my attention. Still a cross body bag and still having enough room to fit my iPhone, among other items, the circular shape is the perfect upgrade. It will really take your outfit up a notch and is potentially a great conversation starter. Whether your style is a bit girly, boho, or cool you can work this bag into any wardrobe. I have a feeling, just like phone cases, the cross body bag is going to give us some adorable shapes, colors, and patterns. How will you incorporate the circular cross body into your wardrobe? 

ASOS $30.38,


Marc by Marc Jacobs $258,

SR Squared by Sondra Roberts handbag, $60, (currently unavailable)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Closet Clean Out: Fin

Finally, the closet clean out has come to an end. It was laborious and exhilarating, but I am 100% happy it is over. I am quite content with the turn out and exited to continue looking at my closet with fresh eyes each and every day. This journey has had a few ups and downs and a lot of me wistfully looking at pieces I thought I loved dearly, however, I needed to just let them go. 

A few more pieces I threw out of my closet.

What happened to all those clothes? And how much did I actually strip from my wardrobe? Currently, I have a trash bag full of clothes from this cleansing. I believe I would actually have two, however, my very dear friends have helped take some off my hands. I mean hand-me-downs are the best ever, don't you think? The rest of what my friends do not wish to take off my hands I will gladly give to Goodwill. I have thought about selling the pieces, but I would rather give them to those who really need them without making a profit. Now if I ever decide to get a bit more out of my closet, I will probably sell those items because they are the better and newer items I have collected. I am honestly just looking to gain some more space in the already cramped closet. 

These past few months have really made me consider what outfits I was creating. What happens if I mix these prints? Do these textures go together? I've never worn this with this. I didn't even realize this went together! How long has this been in here? These were just a few thoughts that would pop into my head nearly every morning. Sometimes I struggled to stay away from my precious go to outfits. There were a few times I did wear outfits in which the pieces had been worn together before, but I can honestly say most of what I have been wearing since I started this journey are items that I had never even seen together before. I am proud of what I have created and extremely satisfied with my closet. I do still believe there are key items missing, but I can finally see what is good about my wardrobe because all I have left are the pieces I wear. 

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me get through this and has cheered me on along the way. It was a learning process for myself and I am glad to share it with you, dear readers and viewers. For outfit posts please check my instagram (elledelfine) and let me know what you think! And share with me what you have been able to put together and outfits that you know will become your new favorite go-to's!