Sunday, September 21, 2014

Altuzarra for Target

There is almost nothing better than waking up before the sun, grabbing a hot chocolate, and waiting for a store to open. With each Target collaboration that is announced, I giddily plan the early trek to my nearest store. The Altuzarra collection release was no different. I counted down the days from the announcement all the way to the very morning of its release. 

This time, however, I did not do my research well enough. Generally I scrutinize each piece in the collection before I go to shop. I never know what will be in the store, but I also wanted to know what I liked beforehand. I decided I did not want to know what my favorite piece could or would be. I didn't want to be disappointed. So, I took my chances and blindly went in to shop. 

And my nearest Target decided not to carry the line. 

No matter. Furiously leaving the store after five minutes of searching the premises only to be let down, I immediately decided my best chances of recovery were to check the online stores. Surprisingly, enough was left for me to actually pick and choose. During my wait to enter the store I perused the collection and knew if I only bought one piece it would be the faux fur jacket (no longer in stock online). Alas, it was in stock in my size. I pushed it to my cart and checked back for other pieces I may want. My second and last piece purchased was the satin Orchid print Oxford shirt. Happy once again, I drove home and patiently waited for my treasures. 

After what seemed like ages, the package arrived. I spilled the contents and pulled out each piece carefully. The jacket, the biggest and bulkiest, came first. It was better than I could have ever imagined. Soft and thick, the jacket is probably one of the best items I've purchased in quite some time! It is a little big on me (what's new?), but I'll be able to layer it nicely for the winter months. After twirling around in my jacket, I pulled out the shirt. Beautiful. The exceptionally soft fabric contrasting with the starch white collar and cuffs made it both professional and slightly sexy

Thank you Altuzarra and Target for your affordable fashion. I will dutifully wait for the next collection. And make sure to check stores ahead of time.