Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Le Tote: Fashion in a Box

While the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is 42, my answer to my ultimate question is Le Tote. What's my question? How can I find new items to add to my wardrobe without spending my entire paycheck? 

Le Tote is a clothing site that lets you rent designer pieces. Basically you have your own personal wardrobe on the website. You "add to your closet" pieces that you love or want to try and they will send them to you (in no particular order). You pay a flat monthly fee and can receive as many "totes" a month as you desire. 

In the Glamour Box (which is what I have) three articles of clothing and two accessories will be shipped out. Did I mention these were designer pieces? BCBGeneration, French Connection, Sanctuary, and many others can be found on the site. Just one of any of those items would cost more than what I am paying for each tote. That is not even the best part. Find something you just cannot live without? There is an option to purchase an item. Just don't send it back with your tote and they will charge your account. It gets even better (I know, right?). As a member, each item is discounted for buying. The discounts run anywhere from $10 to $40 off retail price. Don't like how a piece fits? Just send it back and rate it as such on your account. 

So, how does Le Tote know what to send you? A stylist picks out each piece based on the measurements sent in and what you "liked" on the site. You create your own style profile by uploading pictures of yourself in the pieces and by rating each item. Want to wear it again? Just ask them to send it again! This is a win win situation for everyone involved. Try something you would never just buy because it doesn't fit your style or it's just something that doesn't seem like a good fit. Le Tote lets you explore your style without the risk of buying something you will never wear again. Go forth and shop without causing harm to your bank account.

Photos are from my first "tote".

Black Top: Briselle Blouse
Lace Dress: Charlotte Cap Sleeve Dress
Bracelet: Cupid's Arrow Bracelet
Grey Dress: French Lucy Flare Dress
Necklace: Adia Jess Necklace