Friday, December 19, 2014

All dressed up and nowhere to go but work.

It happens quite often that I find myself with a rather shiny, sparkly dress that just does not fit into my daily life. Living in a small town in the Midwest tends to lend to that problem. However, just because I don't have a glamorous party or dinner to go to does not mean I can't work those pieces into my normal wardrobe.

Take this Jack "Liz Party Dress" I received in my Le Tote. It is beautiful and perfect for that big holiday party. The shine and texture along with a cutout upper back makes it one of the best pieces you could find for a party. The dress hardly needs accessories - simple pieces would do.  

I don't have time to hold on to this dress (hello, I want ALL the totes), so I wanted to wear it without making a big fuss. Work, yes, I would wear it to work. But how?

A blazer always adds extra structure to any outfit. I knew this would be a key piece to creating that particular look. To tone down the shimmer and shine of the dress I added a cardigan. The fuchsia is striking against the gold and black, adding that perfect pop of color. And then I had to decide on the shoes. A classic pump still seemed too much, so I did a low key wedge Oxford. Thus creating a simple work look using a totally glam dress.

I also wanted to see what throwing on a huge, comfortable sweater over the dress would do. I don't think I will ever get enough of navy, gold, and black together. I call it the I-had-a-rough-night-out-and-it's-morning-brunch outfit. Certainly low key while still looking put together. Adding a pair of ballet flats will keep the outfit in check.

I was on the receiving end of the loveliest compliments today all thanks to this beautiful dress. It was wonderful to wear such a piece and I would definitely love to see it in my Le Tote again. Don't throw that perfect dress to the back of the closet, but use it again in many different ways!
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Blazer: Express
Dress: Jack
Cardigan: Aeropostale
Shoes: Target
Tights: Forever 21
Watch: Timex