Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jumpsuit Fever

It is largely known that I rarely jump outside my comfort zone. I have a look and I stick to that look 99% of the time. Curly hair, flared skirts, button-up shirts, sweaters, peter pan collars, and Oxford shoes are just a few notable parts of my style. Anything that varies from that I tend to stay away from. 

That being said, it was a huge shock to me that I even considered adding this French Connection jumpsuit to my Le Tote closet. My petite stature and barely there legs tend to not work in one piece options or elongated silhouettes. But I got Le Tote to try pieces outside my comfort zone and they just styled it so adorably. So in my virtual closet it went and to the door it came. 

Seeing it for the first time I knew I was in trouble. The material was thick, but light weight. It was extremely soft and comfortable. I was doubtful the jumpsuit would actually fit, so I held it up to me for the first test. I was expecting the pant legs to cover my feet and a bit of the floor, but they didn't! I could still see my toes! To be honest, I couldn't wait to get home and try it on. And that is exactly what I did as soon as I stepped through the door. 

What surprised me most was the fit. While maybe a tad too large, nothing was sagging and the pant legs weren't dragging on the floor (which always happens). The straps actually sat on my shoulders and didn't slip off. If I traveled often, this would be my go-to piece to board a plane. The simplicity of the jumpsuit makes it effortless to wear however you like. Be girly, sultry, or work ready. Stepping out of my comfort zone may not be easy, but it is always worth it. 

Want to try Le Tote? Click here!

Top Photo:
Jumpsuit: French Connection
Button up: Gap
Shoes: Aldo
Watch: Timex

Bottom Photo:
Blazer: Forever 21
Tank: Express
Shoes: Aldo
Bracelet: J. Crew

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Little Leather Dress

The leather dress has always evaded me. And when I say leather, I really mean faux leather. Either the price was just right, but the fabric and cut were just too weird. The fabric and cut would be amazing, but the price was way out of my range. I just could not find a leather dress that suited my lifestyle and budget. That is until I signed up for Le Tote

I noticed the Willow and Clay leather dress on the Le Tote website and immediately clicked on it to be sent to me. I held my breath as I opened the box and unfolded the softest faux leather I had ever touched. I held the dress up to me and jumped up and down because I was 99% sure it would fit. Once I was able to try it on, I knew it would be a piece that I kept. This dress was actually the very first piece I had bought from Le Tote. 

The fit-and-flare style is a perfect addition to my dress wardrobe. It's faux leather material is soft and buttery without feeling weird. The length isn't super short or long on me (hello five feet and petite!). And it has pockets! I cannot wait to see what kind of outfits I can put together using this piece. 

Want to join Le Tote or just want more information? Send me your e-mail address and I'll send you a link to browse the site! Oh, and you will get your first tote 50% off! 

Dress: Willow and Clay - from Le Tote
Cardigan: J Crew Factory
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: ModCloth
Bracelet: J Crew
Phone: LG G3