Saturday, December 26, 2015

Steal Her Look: Dakota Johnson

After the holiday parties have passed and the Christmas presents have been opened, New Year's Eve sneaks upon us like a shimmery shadow in the night. The plaid is tucked away and the jammies are back in the drawers and it's time to pull out that sequined outfit from the back of the closet. Except you have probably worn that same top, dress, or skirt a dozen or so times and it just feels so... blah. 

If you are feeling something new try Dakota Johnson's look. A long sleeve sequined dress and some fabulous accessories will help make your night great! Dakota's dress is a mix of metallic sequins, but a solid look will be perfect as well. The faux fur jacket will keep you warm and add extra eye catching texture. Don't forget the strappy shoes and clutch! 

Watch the ball drop in a satisfyingly chic and (dare I say) cozy outfit. 

Jacket: Target

Dress: MelodicDay

Shoes: ASOS

Clutch: Aldo