Thursday, December 29, 2016

On My Mind

This is the last week in 2016. While this year has been really great for me (hello, Mrs. Mills) it has also been rather terrible. So many things happened this year that I don't think we will ever forget even if we really wanted to. I know this week will be full of reflections for me. My hope is that we don't wallow in the despair and agony of 2016, but look to the brightness that 2017 can and hopefully will bring us.

Carrie Fisher

Her most memorable role for me is as Princess Leia Organa in Star Wars. I am a huge fan of the series. Honestly, Princess Leia was probably my first true heroine and strong female role model. Yes, the way they wrote Leia had flaws, but to me she was perfect. Carrie Fisher's portrayal of her (even though she may have not thought so) was beautiful. She was a bright star in this world and she will be missed. Rest in Peace. Edit: Debbie Reynolds has also passed away. My thoughts go out to the families and loved ones. 


Rogue One

Yes, more Star Wars. I love it. If you haven't seen this movie yet, you need to move your butts to the nearest theater right now. Rogue One takes place after Revenge of the Sith and before A New Hope. It was really refreshing and interesting to see how the story actually developed from one to the other. Felicity Jones portrayed Jyn Erso amazingly. It's so refreshing to see females take the stage and to see their male counterparts play more roles other than the "hero" type (basically everyone is a hero though). 

Cookie Dough Pretzel Bites

These just look so amazing. I found them on Pinterest, but you can find the link to the directions and ingredients here. I am thinking these would be create for an at home New Years Eve party! 

Coming to Netflix in January

I think the powers at Netflix have decided that 2016 was so crazy that they were going to make it up to us in January. Here's a list of everything new coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now. Let the binge watching begin. What shows are you looking forward to?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

J. Crew Christmas

Outfit 1: Shirt: J. Crew Factory (similar here), Skirt: J. Crew Factory (same style, different colors here), Shoes: Modcloth, Santa Hat: Target (similar here)
Outfit 2: Shirt: J. Crew (similar here), Skirt: J. Crew Factory, Cardigan: J. Crew Factory (same style, different colors here), Shoes: Payless, Watch: Timex, Bracelet: KJP

I will be the first to admit I may have a slight J. Crew obsession, but their pieces are perfect for the holidays. Hello, plaid! 

I didn't have time to do a real outfit shoot with my Christmas Day outfit, but I still managed to get a full shot. We do a lot of driving around to make sure we get to everyone, so it is imperative my outfits not only look adorable, but are also comfortable. The shoes from both of my outfits were just right for all the walking because of their low heels. Christmas was rather amazing, but if it had snowed it would have been perfect. 

What are your favorite holiday go to pieces?

Friday, December 23, 2016

Sequins and Sweaters

Sweater: Target (similar here), Shirt: J. Crew Factory, Skirt: Target (similar here), Tights: UNIQLO, Shoes: Target (similar here), Necklace: J. Crew (similar here)

I feel as if I can never wear this skirt as much as I would like. Sure a night out can call for something sparkly, but I want to shine during the day. And the holidays are the perfect time to bring this skirt out as much as possible. Even if that means I wear it to work. Stylish Petite posted this outfit on Instagram and I knew I had to replicate it. It's still easy going, but perfectly polished. This will not be the last time you see this skirt before then end of the year. Not pictured: furry Santa hat. 

What is your favorite seasonal piece?

Monday, December 19, 2016


Sweater: J. Crew Factory, Shirt: Forever 21 (similar here), Skirt: J. Crew Factory (similar here), Tights: UNIQLO, Shoes: 6 PM, Hat (similar here) and mittens: Target, Necklace: J. Crew Factory (similar here)

Being mainly a skirt and dress girl, I am always purchasing tights. I hold off on wearing tights for as long as possible and this year I made it to December. Part of the reason I held off so long was because it was quite warm and also because I hadn't bought any new pairs yet. I go through many black tights each year - it's actually ridiculous. December has also proven to be super cold. Generally, Indiana doesn't experience this kind of drop in temperatures until January and February. 

So, when I watched Carly's vlog about her favorite things and she mentioned a pair of tights I could not resist looking further. Carly suggested these UNIQLO HEATTECH tights. When it comes to technologically advanced clothing I am clueless. Apparently, the tights use the moisture in the air to keep you warm. 

Survey says: they work! I wouldn't say the tights actually produce heat. They more or less just block cold air. When I took these photos the temperature was in the single digits. I was frozen. But my legs were comfortable. The best part is they have a sock foot. I'm not that uncomfortable with tights feet anyway, but now I don't know why tights are ever made any other way. For a great price of $15 I am going to be stocking up! 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

First-ish Snow

Jacket: Gift, Sweater: Target (similar here), Shirt: Express, Skirt: Marshall's, Rain Boots: Target, Tights: Target (similar here), Hat (similar here) and gloves: Target, Necklace: Forever 21 (similar here)

We actually had our first snow a couple of days before this happened, but it didn't stick. I almost did not wear my rain boots this day and I am so glad I did. For extra warmth I added a pair of socks and just pulled them down over the boots. It makes for an easy and cheap liner! While red and green are perfect for December, I also really enjoy the softer colors of the season. Light pinks and creams are just cozy this time of year. 

We are reading these books at work right now. If you're at all interested in teamwork and how to create an atmosphere for teamwork to thrive I highly recommend both books. Mr. Lencioni's style is perfect for having fun while learning. There were many "oh duh" moments - it's easy to forget some simple things. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

On My Mind


It is absolutely frigid in Indiana right now. The temperatures have been hanging out in the teens and at the moment we are hanging steady at 21°F. I am so glad to have taken heed and gotten these UNIQLO HEATTECH tights! They are seriously amazing (blog to come!). 

Annual Gingerbread House Building

Each year, my friend Tiffani and I always build a gingerbread house and exchange gifts. This year is no exception. I am so excited, not only because I get to see my friend, but because I chose a Hello Kitty gingerbread house (purchased at Walmart). It doesn't matter, though, how long we have been doing this. Our houses usually turn out to be not so great. I'm hoping this year we will really show our skills - photos to come! 

Pineapple Ornaments

Camp Pineapple has its name for a reason - mostly because I like pineapples. And, as one of my friends said, I want you to feel as if you've walked onto a Disney Channel movie set after hearing the name. My holiday decorations would not have been complete without a pineapple decoration. When I found these pineapple ornaments from Glitterville I knew I had to have them.There are four different color combinations. The navy and cream (with a hint of pink) option goes best with my current decorations. I paid a little more than I normally would for an ornament, but it was well worth it. You can also check out some of their work on their Instagram @glitterville!

Duck Tales Reboot

How did I not know this was happening? Duck Tales was one of my favorite shows growing up. And now Disney XD is bringing it back with David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck. WHAT. The show will release next year. Watch the adorable cast below sing the 90's theme tune.


Name Change

I could only procrastinate for so long, but I have officially mailed in my name change form for Social Security! I will officially be Mills very soon. And then the process of changing everything officially begins. It will probably take me until next year to get everything completely switched. 

Lovely Textures

Jacket: Le Tote, Shirt: Goodnight Macaroon, Dress: Le Tote (similar here), Tights: Target, Shoes: 6 PM, Clutch: Le Tote, Necklace: Le Tote

The takeaway? Sign up for Le Tote! Apparently, I'm obsessed with the AVA products. My manager said this might be my best look yet and I think I agree. The layers and the textures just go together so well. The leather details keep the look from being too ladylike, but adding in the bows and lace keep it from looking too edgy. I wore this jacket about a year ago and completely regretted not saving it for myself. When I realized they still had the option, I pounced. It is going to be a fantastic piece for my work wardrobe. Can I wear this every day?

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lights are Strung

Sweater: J. Crew Factory (similar here), Jeans: Aeropostale (very old), Shoes: Payless (similar here), Hat and mittens: Target (similar hat here and gloves)

I love decorating for holidays. Any holiday. My favorite will always be Halloween, but Christmas decorations just feel so warm. I just love the lights, the trees, and the cozy knits. I am normally an all white light person, but circumstances made me switch it up a bit (basically every light bulb burnt out). I actually really enjoy the colorfulness and think I might continue this trend. I also love how my polka dot pillows go with the decorations. It's a wonderful pop! I also somehow talked the husband into photos (I'm amazed). 

What are your favorite Christmas decorations?