Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ruffled Cardigan

I keep a running list of items that I need to add to my wardrobe. When shopping, the list helps me see through all the pieces I definitely don't need and keeps me focused. I become very distracted by sparkly things. One of the items on my list was a red cardigan. Not just any red cardigan, a red cardigan with flair. A red cardigan with ruffles. 

I first spotted this piece on Le Tote's website. After that first glimpse I was seeing ruffled red cardigans everywhere. So, I made sure this cardigan was in my next Le Tote and I never sent it back. 

Another item crossed off my list. 

Cardigan: Le Tote (similar here, here), Shirt: Aeropostale (similar here, here), Skirt: J. Crew (similar here), Shoes: Coach via DSW (similar here), Bag: Sole Society, Sunglasses: J. Crew Factory (similar here)

Monday, February 27, 2017

Pinned It Spinned It

Spring is just around the corner and I am starting to want to dress as such. My daily morning search through Pinterest brought me to this Sarah Vickers' outfit (you can find the original post here). The peach skirt was exactly what I needed to brighten my outfit. The navy tweed jacket keeps the skirt from feeling too summer-y. The jacket also helps keep me warm because let's face it, it's still a bit too cold right now. 

I am also still obsessed with my new bag. 

Jacket: Le Tote, Shirt: Gap (similar here), Skirt: Pitaya (similar here), Shoes: 6PM, Bag: Sole Society, Necklae: Gift (similar here)

Friday, February 24, 2017

On My Mind

February has been such a blur. Honestly, it is probably for the best, but the weather is starting to cooperate. It actually feels lovely to be outside. 

1. Spring catalogs: I make it quite clear that my favorite season is Autumn. I love the crisp weather. I love layering a sweater over something. I love the changing leaves. However, I crave Spring because Winter is so unbearable. So, when the Spring catalogs and magazines start to show up in my mailbox, I am filled with joy. The pastels, flowers, and bare legs rejuvenate my spirit. What is your favorite catalog or magazine to peruse during the Spring issues?

2. Le Tote: Due to budgets and lack of funds, I had to put my Le Tote on hold. I knew my subscription was starting soon, so I checked my account to double check. While scanning through I noticed an option to choose a smaller tote. There is an option to now receive two clothing pieces and one accessory piece for just $39 a month! I pay less money a month and I can go through more totes! Are you interested in trying Le Tote? Just click here!

3. Indiana weather: This past week has been so amazing. I believe most of the country has felt the warmer weather, but it's so surprising in Indy. The temperatures have been in the 60's and low 70's all week! It has been mostly cloudy, but I don't have to wear a coat and that is what I truly love. It is all going to come crashing down tomorrow though. We should be seeing some snow flurries on Saturday!

4. Beauty and the Beast: I know I have mentioned before that I am totally excited for Beauty and the Beast. However, after this clip was released, my excitement has only grown. Is it March 17th yet?

5. Loft 50% off sale items: Just because I can't shop right now does not mean you cannot! Click here to look through Loft's sale items! These are some great deals! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Chambray and the LBD

Dress: Forever 21, Shirt: Aeropostale, Shoes: Shoe Dazzle, Bag: Haute Look, Necklace: J. Crew Factory, Cape: Von Maur (don't know the brand)

Occasionally, you find a rule that is just begging to be broken. Like wearing white after Labor Day or not waiting thirty minutes to jump into the pool after eating. I'm not a huge fan of the "all women need this in their wardrobe!". Don't tell me what I need. However, I do honestly believe every woman should own a little black dress that works for her. Literally or figuratively. This black dress could have fringe, it could be a maxi dress, or it could just be a simple frock for every day. It should fit into your lifestyle. No LBD is the same or means the same thing to every woman. 

This LBD (I have a few) is one of my favorites. I bought it at Forever 21 years ago (sparingly you will find Forever 21 items actually last forever) and it has seen many things. I have visited a newborn baby, gone to funerals, partied hard, and worked in this dress. The simplicity of it is genius. The shape is classic and does not need putting away for a certain season. There are infinite possibilities when creating an outfit with your most beloved LBD. And some of those possibilities involve making a chambray button down actually work for work.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Double the Sweater

Coat: Calvin Klein, Turtleneck: J. Crew Factory, Sweater: Forever 21 (similar here), Skirt: J. Crew Factory (similar here), Boots: Aldo (similar here), Tights: UNIQLO, Belt: Forever 21 (similar here), Sunglasses: J. Crew Factory (similar here), Hat: Homemade gift

Don't dismiss something until you have tried it. And when temperatures plummet, try doubling your sweaters. I paired a thinner turtleneck sweater with a thicker sweater to keep warm (it's quite windy here). I did not want to wear just another button down under the sweater. Honestly, it's very difficult to tell if I'm wearing one piece or two because the turtleneck is the same color as the top part of the sweater. It was one of the most comfortable work outfits I have ever worn. 

Also try layering a cardigan over a sweater, Jessica Day style.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hannah Mills and the Winter of Pants

Blazer: Target, Top: Express (similar here), Pants: Loft (similar here), Shoes: Payless

Indiana has definitely been advantaged with a mild winter. This, of course, means other issues are occurring, but for now I'm just ecstatic about not having to wade through feet of snow. There have been a few blustery and dreary days. I have been underwhelmed with my winter wardrobe this season and the gray days do not help. The pants in my closet have pushed their way out. And it wasn't the worst. My body shape is extremely difficult to shop for, especially when pants are involved. Stacy and Clinton would always say to find a good tailor, but honestly, sometimes it's just down right difficult. 

If you're petite, but still a bit curvy and are looking for inexpensive and fabulous work pants, try Loft. These cropped pants have not been altered! I was shocked to find they fit in length straight from the rack (also important to note they fit in the waist/hips as well). Cropped pants tend to fit me as regular length pants should. And as you can see, my ankle is showing! If you're at your wits end with pants, stop in at Loft. Even if the pants there don't work out as they did for me, you will at least walk home with an adorable dress.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fashionably Business

Jacket: Le Tote, Shirt: Target (similar here), Skirt: J. Crew Factory (similar here), Shoes: Aldo (similar here), Bracelet: KJP, Headband: Forever 21 (similar here)

A jacket is a wonderful layer piece for work outfits. A sweater or cardigan can be cozy, but a jacket or blazer is sharp. I have been persistently trying for a couple of weeks to differentiate between my work and off duty outfits and I think I am succeeding. Honestly, it's as easy as asking "What would Blair Waldorf wear?".